Types of Advertisement

Bebuzee Adbuz

With thousands of high traffic sites on the Bebuzee Adbuz network and over 500 million visitors, we can help you reach your target audience. Adbuz is designed to help achieve the highest return on investment available. Key features:

  • Highly Targeted Ads
  • Lower Cost
  • Flexibility & Control
  • 300% greater return on investment (RoI) compared to other solutions

Grow Your Network

Network with businesses & consumers from a specific city, country or global audience and engage with them.

Promote Your Posts

Increased visibility of your chosen post on the Bebuzee network. Target this to a specific city, country or global audience.

Sponsor a Hashtag

Create a Buz about your topic and see your target audience getting invloved. A great way to make yourself heard locally, nationally or around the globe.

Featured Business

Be among the first to be shown in a company search.