13th Aug 2016

Bebuzee, A Unique Social Network


Bebuzee has launched a photo and video sharing social network and a blogging feature in one single app to challenge Instagram.  We are a creative social networking  app, allowing our users to capture an instant photo, record instant video or upload an image and video, crop, add filters, special effects, insert emoticons, clip-art graphics or even multiple caption boxes with custom text and more.  We are unique and proud of it.

Bebuzee offers a wide variety of frames for those who want to create custom collages to share with a unique, professional look and feel.



Bebuzee is the way forward in the world of social media.  We are an emerging Social Network, with a small loyal team with massive hunger and strength of mind, competing to become potentially one of the most prosperous Social Networks to rock the world.

Over the course of the last eleven to twelve years, social media and social networks in particular, have developed so much, changing the way people use the internet. Well over a billion people use Facebook and Twitter and now the recently formed Ello.

Before the existence of social networks, people never really had many means of contacting or chatting with each other, unless via phone or in person.  MSN Messenger became one of the early ways to communicate in the 2000’s.

Then Facebook began to establish itself as a social network that bound together more users than any other network worldwide. Facebook was where many people lived, and still do, making it close to an operating system in itself, much like Windows or OIS.   Then, for what seems like just a minute in Internet tiome, there was MySpace, a social network that started in 2003, and which became a gathering spot for music lovers and producers. MySpace came and went relatedly quickly, probably because it seemed to appeal only to the music world media seekers, and not the general audience attracted to Facebook.

But the era was cut short. Both Myspace and Bebo were losing users at an alarming clip. Facebook and Twitter to poached users forever, growing those networks to a size MySpace could have only dreamed about. More and more platforms began to arise. These included Instagram, one of the fastest increasing social networks of all time, reaching over one million downloads in a small timeframe of just shy of two and a half months. Other fast-risers included WhatsApp, the mobile messenger giant, and Snapchat, a late-to-arrive photo messaging application.


Now it is Bebuzee’s turn.


Bebuzee adds unique features and blends them into one seemless app that covers what used to take multiple apps to do.  And Bebuzee presents users with a chronological list of posts, with the newest post from the people you are following showing up at the top of your news feed.  In the meantime, Instagram played with its algorythm, prompting users to complain.  Instagram, owned by Facebook,  will choose what to show you and when – essentially mirroring Facebook’s news feed. Small business users are worried that their posts will be drowned out by bigger brands with more clout on the social network as one of the fallouts of changes made, distancing Instagram from Bebuzee even further.  Another opportunity for us to shine.


Pinterest is another ground-breaking social medium accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop. It offers visual discovery, collection, sharing and storage tool. Then there is YouTube, the largest video-sharing website in the world, now owned by Google.

All of these apps, websites and social networks have effectively contributed to making this an extraordinarily competitive market to anyone who attempts to bring a new vision into the social networking world.

But we at Bebuzee strongly believe that there is a hole in the market and ample room for fresh thinking, new user interfaces, integrated apps, and a better way to network.  

According to our research, we have found that social media users are often dissatisfied with many social networking features from even the largest players.

Universal licensing terms and conditions allow social networks to obtain private information, data and authorisation to view texts, images and more within such apps as Facebook Messenger. This data is sold to third party clients or advertisers in exchange for payment. So not only do users unwittingly disclose their private information using their mobile devices and apps, but they unwittingly allow themselves to be exploited. This gathered data is often marketed right back to those same users in the form of spam emails and popups.  Ouch!

In contrast, Bebuzee has been - and is still - extremely vigilant of the privacy of our users. We do not keep or sell any data to third parties under any circumstances.  We strongly believe that such clandestine sale of data is unfair to users.  Bebuzee turns the tables on other social media models, rewarding our users by sharing half of the gains from advertising from their postings. Once a user has signed up on Bebuzee - and posted a video - the user begins to earn based upon thousands of views.  And each user has a private dashboard to keep track of earnings.



Most if not all social networks active today are free to register and use, and all revenue tends to be accumulated through traffic, advertising and or premium features such as add-on apps.  Bebuzee does not see the point in charging our users – our community. We feel strongly about fair treatment and equality, making sure all of our users will be happy, and will want to continue to use all of Bebuzee’s services.

Bebuzee’s vision is to provide users what has been missing in other social networks – protecting its users while serving them with unique and desirable feature-functionality.  Posting image and video statuses, viewing images, streaming videos and earning money whilst doing that, is – we think -pretty incredible. And we sustain optimum user data confidentiality so that all Bebuzee users receive the appropriate privacy that they expect and are entitled to.

Other features within Bebuzee highlight a string of new features - from a creative photo and video uploads, to an improved news feed, to the “Rate my Pic” tab, to “Blogbuz,” and even to collage frame creation. 



Our team are proud of what we have created and we plan to roll out more in the near future, all to delight our users and distance ourselves from the fragmented universe of social media apps and sites out there. 

That’s our vision.  We look forward to your trial and your own endorsement, the best possible reward we can receive from our efforts on your behalf.