Which Ad Strategy Works for You?

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Which Ad Strategy Works for You?

The word out there at the moment is that money on advertising is wasted. It is even said that half is wasted and companies have no idea which half.


Whether your budget is low or high, every dollar counts. Finding your advertising is key and you will need to calculate your ROI on every advertising campaign you run.

Here is a few example of advertising you can choose from.



Prints have been in the advertising business for decades! They had the monopole on the markets and they were a great way to target your potential customers through local or global prints. The question of the size of the advertisement could go from a small banner to a full page. However, prints are soon to become obsolete with the planned disappearance of the newspaper and the magazine industry. The new way of advertising is undeniably digital.


It is true that no other media than the television can reach such a wide range of potential customers which is why it is still a very popular way of advertising. Again, like prints, it is very difficult to measure the ROI and it's not a cost-effective way to reach your target market as you don’t have full control over it.

Radio can be a convenient one to target potential customers geographically but cannot achieve much more. It can still be a very hard way to calculate your ROI and measure the money you make. Plus you are never sure how many people are listening while you are broadcasting your ad.


Advertising in the Yellow Pages is an old school way of doing it but can be effective for the right market. However note that, more and more, physical copies are being put on the side in favour to the virtual and privates rather check the internet than opening a heavy catalogue. On Directories, you cannot follow your ROI nor have control over who reads your company information and what better that an online platform where you will be able to get reviews and follow your investment every day.


Signs you see on bus, benches, trains, airports and buildings are almost impossible to quantify in terms of ROI. There are simply too many of them to be remembered by a consumer and you need your ROI calculated to justify your investment.


Unlike print and broadcast, Internet advertising is easy to measure thanks to tools that track site traffic and click-through.

Internet advertising falls into three basic categories:

E-mail Marketing

This way you can blast out an e-mail marketing campaign all around the world and target the biggest audience possible. Through this you can track you ROI and insert a URL in this message to easily identify if this email has reached your audience.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising are the online evolution of print and broadcast. You can get a banners that can give you constant exposure on high traffic websites and networks. To get the most out of banner advertising, it's best to run your banners on sites that target your desired demographic exposure.

Search Engine Marketing

On the Internet anything is reachable by a click. That's why one of the most cost-effective ways to drive customers to your site is having banner advertising, which is sold on a pay-per-click bases.

In addition to paid advertising opportunities, you can also do active advertising on blogs and social networks.

But don't expect the kind of ROI from a social network that you get from banners, e-mail or search engine marketing.

That’s why Bebuzee is strong in the way that we can do any kind of highly targeted internet advertising.