Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen, Denmark is one of the popular destinations of millions of people. In fact in the European region it is one of the countries which attract the largest number of tourists. Visiting a place involves a lot of research as which places to see first, how to reach that place and what to expect.


The biggest attraction in Copenhagen, Denmark is Tivoli which happens to be the largest amusement park. It is one of the oldest parks in the world of today and the gates were opened to the public in the year 1843. Normally the park is open from the months of April to September and from December till the early part of January. During this tenure the park is open from 11 a.m. A host of rides for the children are the main attractions at the park. For first hand information about the place one can pick the guest book at the counter. The beauty of nature is depicted in the form of colourful flowers as well as lakes. In the evenings the place is decorated by the lightings. On every Saturday night there is an epitome of fireworks and there is no other place which replicates Danish culture better than this. In terms of figures more than 4 million visitors visit the park every year.


In terms of architecture the statute of Mermaid is one of the major attractions in Denmark. The brain child of this statue was Henderson and the people had view to it in the year 1913. It is located on top of a hill adjacent to the Copenhagen harbour. A walk to the place where the statue is located can be enjoyable and sometimes locating it can be a nightmare of sorts. The local population poke a lot of fun at the statue due to is immense popularity and it is prone to constant repairs. One must not be surprised if they reach on top of the hill and find that the statue is prone to repairs. Though if things are put in right perspective it is an ideal place for taking photographs.


If nature along with animals appeal you than a visit to the Copenhagen Zoo is a must. Close to 264 species along with 3000 animals are part of the zoo which attracts people from all over the globe. In terms of climate there is a sub tropical climate with a rain forest attached to it. In addition to this one of the major attractions is the children’s zoo where the children can play with the small rabbits as well as have a ride on the ponnies as well. All the domestic animals are found in the zoo. Ideally summer season is the best time to visit the zoo where there are lot of activities happening. The zoo has special provisions for disabled people as well.