Ice Hotel to book

Three-Ice Hotel to book immediately You sleep in the cold but in fur blankets or in sleeping bags travel to the Pole, is dinner as Eskimos, we toast in gleaming halls that resemble those of fairy tales. And you look at the stars in the exclusive ...

In the list of "things to do in life," which, by the way, we are helping to upgrade, was surely also listed this: sleep in an ice hotel, to spend a night in an ephemeral dream that lasts a winter, a snow castle in the tundra, in one of those places fairytale or simply extravagant .... the first was the Ice-Hotel in Swedish Lapland (the first after the Lapps of course, that the igloo use them-used as very normal case).

Built with 30,000 tons of snow and ice on what every summer becomes a lawn reindeer. To decorate it are called the best sculptors around the world, and also from our mountains who invent a dream place. Then there are the holidays more fun, those at the Snow-Village with events, fireworks artifcio, trendy bars, ice course, and rooms, or those more sporty like the Igloo-Dorf Swiss.