Family fined £400 after taking too long to eat lunch

family has been fined £400 after they took too long to eat their lunch.

Tina Hoskins and 23 of her family members went to a Brewer’s Fayre near their home in Patchway Bristol.

They pre-ordered their food at the Concorde pub in Filton, Bristol, but she says it was still delayed by nearly an hour.

By the time they finished their food and paid up, however, they had been in the pub’s car park for longer than the permitted three hours.

Seven of the family drove but only four of them were fined £100 each – £60 if paid within 14 days.

Despite a sign in the car park saying people staying longer than three should register their details, Ms Hoskins believes Brewer’s Fayre is in the wrong for not telling them when they went into the pub.

She said: ‘I was livid when the [parking] bill came through. I am outraged that they can charge you to park, especially considering the amount the party spent.

‘I will not be paying this parking fine as I believe it to be a disgrace. Instead I will advise my family of a more friendly establishment for next year.’

The pub operates a system where drivers using the car park must enter their registration number on a device at the bar, but Ms Hoskins claimed nobody in the party was made aware of this.

‘Since I was driving and looking after my boys I did not go to the bar and at no point was this pointed out to any member of the group by the waiting staff,’ she said.

Tina rang the pub after the fines came through but says the staff claimed they could do nothing to change the charges.

‘If the food had been on time, none of us would have exceeded the three-hour time limit.’

A spokesperson for Brewer’s Fayre said: ‘We were sorry to hear about the car parking fines faced by Ms Hoskins and her party while visiting the Bristol Concord Brewers Fayre in early December.

‘Whilst there is signage in the shared car park – which is managed by a third party – as well as our restaurant, which clearly states the maximum length of stay and also highlights the option to sign-up for a further two hours of free parking for our guests, we appreciate this is a substantial fine that has marred an otherwise enjoyable dining experience.

‘With this in mind, in this particular instance we would like to cover the cost of the fines as a gesture of goodwill to the party and look forward to welcoming them back to the restaurant in 2015.’