Look Through the Eyes of Children

Look through the eyes of children The video is making the rounds of the Web. That speaks of disability starting from an experiment of a French association, on children and adults.

It's called "The eyes of the children," the video that is making the rounds of the network. It 'an experiment of a French association, Association Noemi, asking for young and old to reproduce the faces they see on a screen.

Notice how, in the end, the children give adults a very important teaching: prove that disability does not count. That the only real way to accept it is to recognize it, not fear it, and therefore does not discriminate against it.

And it is precisely the aim of the French to change the way society views and deals with disability. Would say: Just learn from children.

The video experiment is really revealing. Some children, with their parents, are invitatati to imitate a face that is their proposal. Are divided by a separator, to avoid that influence. Mothers, fathers and children are copying the grimaces proposals. Until the screen displays a disabled girl. Children copy still grimace, parents reveal a great embarrassment. Series: the freedom and simplicity of children ... We can only learn

Unfortunately I could not add the video. Watch the video by clicking on the link: http://www.vanityfair.it/news/mondo/14/12/19/video-bambini-differenze