Cuba, Perfect Spot for a Holiday.

The island of Cuba is one of the most exciting places for spending your holidays. This is located in the Caribbean Sea. The clear warm water and high current houses a vast range of aquatic life. Diving option is the most inextensible. Cuba has the second largest barrier reef in the world and the temperature of the sea ranges from 25 degree centigrade and to 29 degree centigrade. Macro-life, under caves, wrecks, walls, soft corals and cenotes along with the natural beaches and islands make Cuba the perfect spot for holiday.

The various Cuba spots attract tourist from all across the globe. Some of them are explain here and for picturesque you can visit the website


Bayamo is one of the biggest cities of oriente and it was discovered in 1513 by Diego Velazquez de Cuellar. This is one of the most interesting tourist spot in the entire Cuba and earlier it was known to be one of the most commercial hubs of Cuba. During 17th century it was the leading town in the nation.

Ciego de Avila

This is a famous region in Cuba and the capital city of Ciego de Avila is situated on the Carretera Central. Apart from this, moron is another city that adds glamour to this area and it is located near the northern part.  Each year millions of tourists visit Ciego de Avila. Chambers, Bolicia, Baragua are some of the popular cities of Cuba.

Santa Clara

Santa Clara is the capital city of Villa Clara, located in Cuba. It is situated in the central province of the nation and was discovered by 175 people. There are many interesting places in Santa Clara which makes the place one of the most interesting for the tourists. Marta Abreu de Estevez and Ernesto “Che” Guevara are the two most famous images that act as a center of Cuba attraction.


Havana is a well known tourist spot and it is a popular commercial hub. It is also known to be a biggest port of Cuba and is considered to be one of the oldest cities founded by the Europeans. It extends towards the south and it includes some of the main harbor – Guanabacoa, Atares and Marimelena.


This is one of the most reputated places in Cuba and is situated in the southern coastal area. Every year flocks of tourist visit this place and it is 250 kms away from Havana.

The capital of Santiago de Cuba Province is Santiago de Cuba and it is in the eastern part of Cuba. In the Cuban revolution Santiago de Cuba plays an important role. Frank Pais, the famous revolutionist belonged to this place.


Holguin is the capital of the Holguin province and it was established by Garcia de Holguin. This place got its name after its founder and with time this place has become an amazing tourist location. They can enjoy the view of the city from Garcia de Holguin, the most popular hill in Cuba. This place also features a huge baseball stadium, six dams and waterfalls. Guayabo is the largest waterfall located in Holguin.