Cairo, Egypt is one of the largest cities in Africa and it is also the capital of Egypt. This place is also known as "The city of a thousand minarets". Through the entire history, Egypt is known to be the lands of civilizations and it has several historical sites and popular attractions. The city of Cairo takes care of its intense traffic and pollution to keep the city free of hassle. Cairo draw visitors from all over the world and in this article I will give an overview of the most famous tourist attraction spots of Cairo, Egypt.

Pyramid of Giza

Pyramids are the center of attraction of Egypt and it constitutes of pyramids of great kings and queens. The huge pyramids of Cheops are opened only during the day and also offer light and sound shows at night. It is very dangerous to climb the exteriors and at the same time it is also illegal. The entrance of the interior is about 10 feet and it is allowed lawfully. Once you reach inside the huge pyramid you need to complete your journey by climbing various small and narrow uphills. After you reach the peak point you can enter the burial chamber of the monuments owner, Khufu. It is not allowed to take photographs inside the pyramid.

Saladin castle

Saladin Castle is another important sight of Cairo city and in the center of the castle there is a famous mosque known as the Mosque of Muhammad Ali. This mosque stood firmly on the top of the hill and the fortress was discovered almost 400 years ago on the high land.

River Nile

The river Nile, one of the most eminent rivers is no longer a legendry. Rivers that overflow four countries are said to spilt the Cairo city. This becomes an interesting tourist spots especially foreign visitor. For several years the Nile has been serving the Cairo citizens. The five star hotels, floating restaurant and skyscrapers serves for the huge tourist flock and also serves as a center of attraction in Egypt.

The solar boat museum

This place is opened only during the day time only and the third best spot to visit on the Giza Plateau. This place houses a well preserved boat that belonged to Khufu and is displayed openly. Due to contaminate that can come inside the museum, visitors are provided with protective slippers that easily fit over the shoes.

 The pharaonic village

Towards the downtown of Cairo you can get to see the popular pharaonic village. You can take a cruise to visit the settings of ancient Egyptian. If you want to see the traditional living standard and way of the Egyptian people then sailing on the Nefertari is the most preferable option. This simple lifestyle was followed by the pharaoh’s. During the end of the cruise, restaurants and gift shops are plentiful and you can also take pictures in the Cleopatra Studio wearing the Egyptian costumes.