Clubs in Edinburgh

Clubs in Edinburgh

Clubs in Edinburgh, has a wide range of music varieties. The music that is being played in the club suits one’s mood and taste. You will find an extensive type of clubs such as up-market clubs, an eclectic mix of music, underground music and many more . The opening time of the clubs is around 10pm and they  close at 3am. But during some special events the closing  time of the clubs is 5am. In the clubs you will find the exact type of  party atmosphere you are looking for. The clubs are always crowded with people. Just like most of the clubs, depending on the establishment,  also you will find cheaper or even free entry is allowed before 11pm or after midnight.


Before midnight the drinks in the clubs are cheaper. As a sign of a propensity club in Edinburgh gives you a stamp. The stamp signifies that you are allowed to leave or return to the club at your own will. If you arrive at the club at the time of opening that is at 10pm then the entrance fees will not be charged. It is compulsory that every individual who  comes to the club must carry a mark of identification such as a  driving license or passport. Rather than turning in large groups it will be better if you turn in small groups especially in the nightclubs. The clubs have dress codes, so just like a mark of identification you must maintain the specific dress code allotted by the club.


Most of the Edinburgh's up-market clubs are located at the George Street. 'Opal Lounge' is one of the most renowned as well as an up - market club in Edinburgh. The best part of 'Opal Lounge' is that along with various drinks promotions if you arrive before midnight you will have cheap entry. They are available 7 days a week. This club is located at the side of George Street. Whenever you go to any of the clubs you will be entertained by the music and flow of drinks. The DJ’s mixes more and more songs together and makes the clubs one of the most happening place for enjoyment. To satisfy the  guests more and more different clubs play many different musical genres.


'Ponana' at 43 Frederick Street, 'The Hive' at 15 Niddry Street and 'Espionage' at 4 India Buildings are some of the most famous clubs in the city. If you are interested in the activities such as quiz, singing, dancing and if you want to watch live performances, drink as much you want then 'Electric Circus' which is located at 36 Market Street will be the best choice for you. Who ever visits this club are always  satisfied with the services they provide. There are some clubs that are not open 7 days a week. But for your entertainment and enjoyment you will find a single club on your service.