Bars & Clubs in Capetown, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa

The Cape Town, South Africa is one of the most interesting places in Africa and is one of the intense locations for geologist, sailors, nature lovers and historians. The peninsula of the Cape Town is a revolution for the tourists and all nature lovers who want to see the utmost beauty of Mother Nature. You can enjoy the exotic beaches and the nightlife of the coastal areas. If you are an ardent lover of environment and want to stay away from the hustle bustle of the city life then you can retreat to any historic town located on the Wine Route. If you want to discover the bustling city of Cape Town, South Africa, then you need to visit this place yourself and feel its aromatic and unimaginable beauty. The cape is described by Sir Francis Drake as -

"The fairest Cape we saw in the whole circumference of the Earth"


Some of the important places of interest that you must see on your visit are stated below: -

Table Mountain: It is located at an altitude of 1086 above the level of the sea. This is a unique mountain with flat top and offers some of the most breath taking views of rugged mountains, rocky shorelines and wide blue oceans. It is said that there are more than 350 different climbs to the peak and on a clear day it can be seen almost from 200 km out to sea.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront: This place is named after Queen Victoria and her second son, Alfred. This is a gem of the entire Cape Town and it can be clearly visible from the terrace. It is just 10 mins away from here. The Waterfront contains the charm of the era of Queen Victoria. The presence of the historian buildings with the Harbour have creates almost a village of shops, taverns, museums and hotels.

Robben Island: This is situated 11 km away from the Waterfront. It is said that for 27 years Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here and today it is popular as a national building. Regular excursions are made to this island and it stood as a reminder of an ultimate victory.

Cape Town Beaches: Camps Bay, Sea Point, Clifton & Llandudno are some of the famous Cape Town beaches. These beaches offer excellent restaurants, boutiques for avid shoppers and night spots for the youth generation. Tropical palm trees are spreaded widely on the sea shores. After the sun set over the horizon the restaurants beckon their followers to have their lavish dinners and mind blowing drinks. The Llandudno beach is surrounded by huge rocks. This beach is the best place for couples and the environment is perfect for very romantic couples.

The Castle of The Cape Of Good Hope: This is one of the oldest historical monuments and was built in the period of 1666 to provide protection to the settlers against attacks. The guns that are showcased here are never actually used in the battle field.