Optimise your ad banner

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Optimise your ad banner

Display advertising is a great way to target potential and current customers on your website. We have already established that the content of this banner is important but what about the design of the banner in itself. What do your customers want to see?


The general aspect of your ad needs to match the services or products you are offering and need to stand out while creating and bridge with your website. This website is dedicated to make a sale but your ad isn’t. You need to grab the attention of the person you are targeting.

You need to attract

The best way to attract people is to provide attention. The visitor need to notice your ad first thing when he lands on the page, it needs to stand out so it cannot be avoided.

A few things can help you in this direction


- Size (text, image and banner)

- Shape (there are multiple shapes you can use, to mix it up a bit and improve the visual result of your banner)

-  Colour (using colour than will attract positive attention is half of the job done, misusing the color can result in your ad not being noticed)

- Motion (make sure everything is easily readable, with the call to action standing out, and in harmony with the whole banner)

Making the click happen

Once you have their attention, the click need to happen for them to be redirected to your website.

Defining you process-level value proposition applies here and to do so you can consider the following for help:

- Appeal (Do they need it?)


- Exclusivity (Is it on for certain amount of it? Can anyone else offer better?)

- Credibility (Is this legit?)

- Clarity (What is it you are offering?)

The best thing you can do is review you app and improve these areas. This might make a huge difference in your advertising and increase your ROI drastically.


Targeting the right audience

While many ads can be sent, published and broadcasted to many potential customer, many of those are made fora special audience and this needs to show in the way you design your ad.

You need to make use the overall of your ad is design in the eyes of your customer and wouldn’t attract the wrong kind of customers.


Your incentive is their interest, motivate them to choose you by offering your visitors a great reward for clicking. Let them know what they would get for clicking on your ad.

The Call-to-Action needs to be visible and stand out. At best, you want your visitor to notice what they could get by clicking in first and in second the call-to-action redirecting them on your website.


The ad is a bridge between interest and sale

The app is only a step, a bridge that will attract visitor and send them to your website. The landing page needs to be in harmony with your ad and send the same message using the same bullet point. Potential customers at this point don’t want to look more than a few seconds for the incentive they were promised and need to get to the offer as soon as possible.

You could, for example take the original design of your ad and create a link within the main page directing them to the full offer or find any other way for this offer to appear on the landing page. In any case, continuity has to be showed not to miss on an opportunity and you cannot lose your customers with too much content.


Remember, less can be more.