"If you leave me I those (dress)"

He had to marry, then he left her to five days from the big day. She reacted in the best way: playing with tempera on white dress.

Shelby was left five days before the wedding. Easy to imagine the despair. Prepared that day for a year, had planned everything perfectly: bridesmaids, ceremony, dress.
But five days before the dream come true to him, the boyfriend who knees had asked her to marry her, he told her: "I need to talk." And then: "I do not feel more, not love you, no marriage, goodbye."

A dear friend gave her an idea: "Why do not we have fun instead of crying?". They have decided to celebrate the day when there still would have been the wedding playing with colored gouache on white dress. "Why not, I said. With my family and my friends bridesmaids went to a park and we trasfromato a sad day into a day of happiness. "

To take the pictures we thought Elizabeth Hoard, a photographer from Memphis, Tennessee, who has felt part of the festival, tells us. The photos have been around the world and Shelby shots finished said: "I'm glad I did, it was a great way to remind myself that despite the difficulties of life there is always a way (happy) to go forward. "