Top Attractions In Cambodia

The country popularly known as” Kampuchea” lies in the south east of Asia .A country known for its ancient and artistic temples and realms of God. In spite of the inspiring and depressing history the country attracts lots of tourist from all around the world all through the year, which gives its visitors intoxicating adventures.


ANKOR WAT: It is one of the largest and the greatest stone structure in the world, which took around 4,000 elephants and 380,000 men to construct it in 30 years. It was built by king Suryavarman II. The masterpiece temple attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. A temple known for its splendid architecture and remarkable carving.

PHOM PENG-The Capital City: The chaotic yet charismatic e, economic capital known for political intrigue, economic vitality and intellectual debate .Located at the bank of Mekong and Toule Sap river .It has a lot of French colonial and traditional khemer architecture. Also known for its marvelous monuments, pagodas and palaces. There are numerous places to visit in the city.

WAT PHNOM: A place that means Phom Peng begins form here. It was originally called as Phnom Duan Penh. It is actually a small hill that has a pagoda and memorial. The hill is topped by tropical trees of various kind found all around the country.

ROYAL PALACE AND SILVER PAGODA: The palace was built during the kingdom of Norodom .It has 5 doors and the palace is the center to all royal and official ceremonies. To the south of Royal palace is the emerald Buddha temple known as Silver Pagoda made of pure silver which has a total of 5,329 silver. The temple has many national treasures which are mainly gifts from Royal family .There are also many mural paintings on the wall that depicts Ramayana

INDEPENDENT MONUMENT: Standing at the heart of the capital city, a monument that symbolizes the countries freedom from France on 9th Nov 1953.It is a single tower and the lighting to it in the night gives it a magical attraction that makes it worth watching.

NATIONAL MUSEUM: It displays around 5,000 Khmer art objects .It has many artifacts made of many art material like silver, copper, bronze, sandstones and other art material.

OUTSIDE THE CAPITAL: Almost all the cities in Cambodia is known for their majestical beauty and architecture and one of them is Shihanoukville and Koh Kong .Shihanoukville is the only shipping port in the county and Koh Kong also face the sea but towards the Thailand. Both the city are rich in seafood’s, sunbathing and relaxing beaches. An unspoiled nature for tourist to swim and enjoy the divine nature

Kampong Thom has many 7th Century AD temples and many other temples are scattered here of the angkorian period .It is also the home town of the infamous leader Pol Pot known for the Killing Field mascare.Kampong Chang is also a famous place known for its fish production and pottery, Battambang is rich in plantation and tropical fruits apart from this there are many famous temples like Ek Phnom, Banyan temple, Baset.It also has very ancient montasaries and museum.

To the Northeast of Cambodia are the places with tourist interest in natural beauty and eco-tourism, the places include Rattanakari and Mondulkiri .The Kep City still preserves its French colonial architecture and there is flower-crab market which should not be missed and also Kampot a town built on peak of Bokor has the best climate of the region and was one of favorite camps for French during their regime.

The visit to Cambodia will be incomplete without the visit to Virachey National Park which stretches along the border of Laos and Vietnam. Its build with the objective to bring into notice the unnecessary exploitation of biodiversity and nature.

Along with the above a floating village called as Kampong Luang is worth watching. It has numerous colorful shops selling vegetables, restaurants, petrol pump. Beside this Preah Vihar an ancient temple is also a must watch in Cambodia.

The trip to Cambodia has  numerous picturesque destinations that just can all be listed but the country indeed is closest to nature and divine architectural beauty .It plethora of temples and pagodas has a charm to attract the visitors again and again.