Dubrovnik, Croatia

Croatia is one of the most exclusive places for spending your holidays. The city of Dubrovnik, Croatia is the very popular and is also known for its famous marble streets and the outstanding beaches. It consists of beautiful renaissance architecture and has deep underlying secrets in its heart which makes it altogether a unique place of attraction. Dubrovnik, Croatia is situated along the Pula Croatia and Hvar Croatia and is popular place in Croatia along the coast of Adriatic. Some of the most interesting spots for tourist’s attraction are given below.

Dubrovnik’s Old Town is the Rectors Palace and is known to be the most stunning places in the entire Dubrovnik. Due to massive earthquakes and gun powder this place has been damaged several times but every time it was restored to its former beauty. During the summer months you can enjoy the concerts held under the open air.

The rampart walls protecting the harbor deserve a visit and you will need more than an hour to make a complete view of this place. Remember you need to be a capable walker in order to take the enjoyment. Moreover, the weekend is the best time to take a through walk and from the walls you can make out how magical this town is. Along the wall you can explore the forts of Bokar, St John’s and Minceta. The St Lawrence fort is worth seeing and if you want to get a view of the Love Island and the Old town then perhaps you will need to climb the towers. You can hire a guide to explain the secrets of the forts and make your journey more pleasurable and exciting. In the hot summer days this is quite a tiresome job and so winter is the best preferable time.

If you are an addict lover of antiques then go for the superb and mind blowing museums. These are the best place to explore even in hot the summer evenings. The Maritime museum, located on the outer walls is one of the most fascinating museums of this place. If you want to see the Italian masterpiece of arts then do not forget about the Art Gallery.

If you are exhausted with city tour then you can take a break off and go for the surrounding islands which are the exact spot for picnic and couples. You can enjoy the lush beauty of nature and also feel the cool and romantic ambience all around. If you want to spend a quiet evening with your partner then no place can be better than this.

Mljet, Lokrum, and the Renaissance Islands are the main attraction spots for the tourists. Some of these islands also houses several national parks and is known to have some of the best resorts of the world.

If you are interested in knowing about the life in Dubrovnik then go for the Ethnographic Museum that takes you to a long era back. You can view over 5000 original pieces illustrating the folk costumes, customs and the way of life around and in Dubrovnik. If you are conducting any documentary on Dubrovnik or planning to write anything about the place then no other place can be perfect than this museums.