Astonishing Events in Slovenia

Slovenia is one of the smallest countries in Europe and it is located on the eastern Alps at the northern end of Adriatic Sea. It houses many large and profuse forests of the world followed by ancient lakes, beaches and castles. This place is known as the land of events and almost all round the year many kinds of events in Slovenia keep on going. Some of them are listed below:

Indrija is a popular event and recently it also gained the title of the Alpine town of year 2011 which means that this event is sustainable towards responsibility and development of the environment.

The traditional Indrija lace festival takes place in every summer season in the month of June. This is a cultural, educational, ethnological and economical festival where everyone can take part. This amazing and breath taking festival are enjoyed by the people of the town. During this event you can participate in the professional lectures and take part in the workshops. You can also see the foreign lace exhibitions as well as the domestic ones. At the same time if you are a foodie then you can taste the local mouth watering dishes of Indrija.  The relaxing and soothing music can make one feel like heaven and the entertainments carries on till late evenings. You can join the state competition of lacemaking to win several prices.

Some of the additional events that also takes place during this time are the ARTS AND CRAFTS FAIR WITH LACEMAKING EQUIPMENT and DEMONSTRATION OF LACEMAKING BY STUDENTS OF LACE SCHOOL IDRIJA.

Sweet Istria, international festival of sweets and sweet products

This is an international festival of sweets and confectionary products and of the largest event in Slovenia. This method depicts to continue the traditional sweet master pieces of their ancestors. Through this event various new and creative method of making sweets comes up. Apart from sweet, it is also focus on making pastry and other sweet products for us. The sweet path which is situated in the old town of Koper leading the visitors pass the themes of fresh selling products of Slovenia Istria and abroad. This place is also named as the Land Of Chocolate.

Borštnik gathering, theatre festival (Borštnikovo srečanje) takes place in the National Theatre Maribor of Slovenia. This is a cultural autumn event that held in every year. You can get to see mind blowing and competitor performances and also listen to professional’s discussions. You can attend the various cultural events that take place in other venues.

Who wins the ring?

If you go to Slovenia in October then do not miss this event. This held in the second week of October. This is a competition where the winner is awarded at the end of the program, for his best performance. Prizes are also distributed for best stage management, best actors, and other artistic achievements. The main focus is on the Borštnik ring and this ring is given only to the actor/actress who leaves a deep trace of the artistic performances on the mind of the viewers.

Along with these events visitors can also enjoy the outstanding repertoire achievements. These achievements are shown about the past seasons and it includes the festivals in Maribor and other surrounding cultural events.