Paris facts

  • Paris has over 2 million inhabitants: 1 in 7 are non-French; population peak in 1921 at 2.9m.
  • Around 45 million tourists visit Paris and the Ile de France region annually (half are French).
  • Most visited are Disneyland (15m), Notre Dame (12m), Louvre (8m) and Eiffel Tower (7m).

  • Paris got its name from Parisii, a tribe of Gauls who settled on the Ile de la Cite 250-200 B.C.

  • It was called "City of Light" due to the artists, writers and sculptors who made Paris home.
  • Paris' business district of La Defense is the largest purpose-built business district in Europe.
  • A German general did not destroy all Paris monuments before retreat, as ordered by Hitler.
  • The first establishment to be known as a restaurant was in Paris which has over 8,000 now.
  • Paris is home to over 70 museums and 50 theatres; 4.5 million people use the metro a day
  • Most Parisians are aged 20-30; 2 x more singles than families; more dogs than children.