The legend of Metal Gear

Metal Gear Solid is a tactical-spy-action game that was release in the 80`s by Hideo Kojima to the MSX console. By that time, despite of the limitations of technology of that time the game achieved to get the player into the experience of being a spy. For example, instead of shoot to pass the levels in Metal Gear Solid the most important thing is to complete the objectives trying to avoid kill civilians or enemy soldiers. The great quality of the game made it a legend. It was not until the late 90's when Kojima decided to create another Metal Gear to Playstation. As in the past, Metal Gear was a game that broke all the schemes and by this reaon sold millions o copies. Sine that moment millions of gamers araund the world wait paciently a new game from the franchise. They are so excited about the release of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground  Zeroes this year to PS4 and X-box One.