Hongkong, China. The Gourmet Paradise

Hongkong , China  the city is full of food obsessed people. Though the  city is famous for its Chinese food, but it produces a variety of other cuisines. That's why Hongkong is known as Gourmet Paradise. From traditional to  fusion  Hong Kong can make anyone drool for its food. With their love for food they can easily sacrifice things like shopping, gambling and politics. With more than 12,000 restaurants  in Hongkong, it provides  top quality  food and  an excellent ambience to dine out.

Hongkong streets are very lively and Street food  is delicious. The Dai Pai dong market  has the best traditional  Chinese food , they are cheap and served at the blink of your eyes. Local loves eating sushi. Most of the hotels around the city provide sushi, spaghetti.

Some of the local restaurants in Hongkongs are

Dai Pai dong – or  Chinese style outdoor  restaurant in Hongkong. It serves mostly Cantonese recipes. One of the Cantonese dish is Dimsum. Dim sum is eaten on weekends and the dish  is based on seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables.

The temple street-It is the favorite spot for tourist. The street gets crowded from 5pm. Dinners are mostly enjoyed here. There are many restaurants here which cook delicious seafood. Tofu is the classic food for temple street. After dinner one can shop  around. Most of the restaurant is open till morning.

Haiphong Road- With its luxurious shopping mall , night shows, you can grab  food as much as you want. There are many street shops along the Haiphong road which sells tofu, juice, fish balls. There are juice  bars too which sell vegetable and fruit  juice blend together.

Mak noodles restaurant-Famous for its egg noodles and wanton and  bean curd roll stuffed.They serve you rice in lotus leaf with these.

Line Heung Teahouse, - famous Shanghai style  restaurant and loved by many tourists. The traditional look of the restaurant gives a very classy look. There soup with dumplings are good to try out. For 30 HKD you can get rice or noodle preparation.

Some restaurant display  roasted pork , quail and duck .They are very tempting and surely you won't be able to resist yourself.

Din tau Fung – a  family budget restaurant located in the Canton road. The restaurant is huge and the service is super quick. Xiao Long Bao is their signature dish  and one must try it.

Spaghetti house is a mid budget restaurant with good food. It is a western restaurant with nice atmosphere.

German Buffet in Wanchai -  buffet is usually little expensive but german buffet gives you a  good deal.

Most of the restaurant serves small amount compared to the international standard of meal served. Meals are eaten 5 times , with rice or noodles as their main food. You are sure to get lost in the street food which Hongkong is going to offer to you. This is one of the major reasons why Hong Kong attracts tourists from all across the world.