Los Angeles new capital of fashion and shopping

If you were still the idea of flying to the East Coast, especially in New York, to update you on the latest fashion trends, you might be disappointed.
IS, the largest city in California and the second largest city of the United States, to have won the title of the new fashion capital: the trendiest brand, the most creative minds of the moment, the most quoted artists have gathered all here .

Immense and fascinating city, stretching for more than twelve hundred square kilometers, has wide roads on average four lanes and turns in the car: because here generally almost no one walks.
But, once the feeling of alienation that assails us seeing the empty streets of people, we understand that this is his beauty, his being so much, so little human scale. It's the American dream to the nth degree, extraordinarily lively, extraordinarily in the running.
As demonstrated by the innovative concept store which were opened in Los Angeles, the first of Just One Eye, which offers art, fashion and design cool. The brainchild of Paola Russo, who previously worked for Ann Demeulemeester and Maxfield, Just One Eye is located on the ground floor of the former headquarters Howard Hughes' in West Hollywood, a historic Art Deco building is perfect for hosting commercial spaces and galleries where features original pieces by Damien Hirst.

Another stop not to miss the discovery of Los Angeles fashion capital is Opening Ceremony, opened along with that of New York by Carol Lim and Humberto Leon, who are also the designer Kenzo. The shop, very big as all, here in Los Angeles, is set over two floors and is a paradise for trendsetters and style lovers where you can find a bit 'of everything, impossible to find elsewhere, though: clothing, jewelry, footwear trademark Searches and youth as Christopher Kane, Peter Pilotto and Reyn Spooner, who plays Hawaiian shirts with prints and cheerful fabrics.
But the trump card of Los Angeles is, without doubt, Hedi Slimane, brilliant designer and quotatissimo Saint Laurent Paris, who chose this city as a base and source of his inspiration. It is he, beautiful and damned as a Hollywood movie star the author of the true Renaissance fanciest of the capital of California that from here "invades" the most prestigious catwalks of Paris.

Among the brand's emerging Rodarte sisters Mulleavy so loved by celebrities, Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders, and style "Loose Luxury" Baja East, brand-new founded by Scott and John Studenberg Targon, all played on but comfortable garments glamorous, seemingly subdued and really well kept and luxurious, perfect for a fashion-conscious traveler.
If you love vintage, you can not beat the market coolest Los Angeles (not disdained by stars and starlets) the Fairfax Vintage Market. Here you will find great products at unbeatable prices: American shirts to dresses fluttering, evening dresses, military jackets and cowboy boots.