Fanatics fear cartoonists: We must NEVER be silenced. Mac of the Mail reveals his stance on Paris massacre and says everyone must stand together to defend freedom of speech

Terrorists are terrified of cartoonists. We have the power to make people laugh at them — we prick their lies and pretensions, and reveal how obscene and ridiculous they are. Of course they hate us. In the wake of the appalling massacre in Paris, some wonderful cartoons have been flying around the world. One pithy visual image can sum up emotions that could never be expressed in words. Scroll down for video One of my first thoughts when I heard the news was to draw a cartoon of Al Qaeda gunmen kneeling down to pray . . . but instead of facing Mecca, they are praying to Satan. I’ve been racking my brains, and I hope that today’s cartoon sums up what we’re all feeling. We’ve been here before, of course. I was immediately reminded of the days when the IRA was unleashing terror in Britain. Those murderers hated cartoons, too. I did one about the hunger striker Bobby Sands, an IRA man who was refusing to eat in prison. I drew all the priests and politicians around his bed, begging him not to starve himself to death — and on the other side of the picture, I had a squaddie with an arm and a leg missing.