Stylish and great cocktail Bars in London


Bars in London are the coolest of the places to enjoy live entertaining music and contemporary cocktails. The interior of the bars is designed creatively and whether it’s a rooftop bar or the bar in the basement, you will simply find it happening all the time. There is no shortage of bars  to hang out or plan that special night for your loved one, as the city is glittered with  traditional pubs. Tourists and locals love to spend their time in bars and pubs because it is known for offering amazing and innovative drinks which chills them completely. In London, some famous bars are an American bar of Savoy, Dukes Bar, and Bar 45. Bars like Experimental cocktail clubs, Cottons, 69 Colebrook Row are some of the famous cocktail bars.

Since London has become the number one place for tourists and business person it is coming up with more new restaurants and Bars for people to enjoy and celebrate. You can train your taste buds completely well by trying some great drinks like Martini, Vodka Mc Govern, Paralyzer and other cocktails or drinks which the bartenders mix really well. As per your taste and likes you can check some great bars and restaurants which will serve you amazingly. A famous bar at Streatham Hill is bar 61 Restaurant where you can find a great selection of wines, mind blowing cocktails and perfect food. The food is delicious and the service rendered by the waiters is exceptional. You cannot halt yourself to leave a tip for great food and cutting edge drinks.

There are some other bars in London which are trendy, cool and full of life. Modern fashionable bars play  awesome rock music and allow great hip hop hangouts where you will find  tempting icy cocktails  on the menu.

There is a lot of change in the bars because of passing time and other changes in culture. The Bars are trying to pace up and offer remarkable services which new generation would really enjoy. If you are really fond of lovely sophisticated  interiors and would like to grab drinks at a remarkable, new generation bar then The heaven at the sanctuary will definitely meet the purpose.  A stylish bar covered entirely with glass and made up of wood with bright blue cushions is simply ideal to pass your time and enjoy the evening. Beautiful sunsets and night under the stars will take your heart away. As far as bars are concerned London will never disappoint your search.


Be it a rooftop bar or any other bar with great interiors, you will never be disappointed with the choice of bars in London. Your experience at the bars will certainly be amazing.