7 Deadliest sins of online advertising

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7 Deadliest sins of online advertising

Internet has become an everyday tool and it is the ideal place to do advertisement and generate great results. However, many novice and veteran online advertisers make the same mistakes, which decrease the benefits and values of online advertising.


Not utilizing all your online opportunities. You always need to strategically place advertisements and promotion in the right places for the best results. Advertising your own products and choosing the right placement, both on- and offline, is critical.


Spamming. Spamming is probably the worse you can do for advertising. It can hurt your business, place you on a junk email folder list and potential customers will forget about you. Email is the most effective tool you have, but it must be used properly. The best thing you can do is make sure they want to receive your email before seeing them. A quick call will make them remember you and as soon as your email appears they will be more inclined to read it throughout.


Paying for pop-ups. Pop-up ads generally are not very effective. As well as spamming, it turns away rather than attract your prospects. Plus pop-up blockers are more utilised these days and they are viewed as very useful tools that would remove most unwanted advertisements, especially video ads (generally online betting and useful way of earning money).


No call to action. One of the first rule in placing an ad is that you cannot leave people without instruction, you must instruct people what to do within your ad. For example, you can leave a shot message saying “Click here for more information”. It seems obvious but it has to be done. Most businesses won’t do it but it is little details like this one that makes the difference.


Wasting money. There is money to be spending on ads but there is certainly none to spend. No business owner can afford for be throwing money away. Online advertisement is the key to renew customers and to remind people of our presence within a certain scale. What you want to do is select the right and high traffic network to maximise your chances of impressions and clicks. Doing so you will have increasing hits and leads coming through with higher chances of converting them into sales.


Substance over style. Most advertisement favours style over substance. Colours, animation and font is not what’s important in an advertisement. You want to send a message, not look pretty. Say something significant about your product or service and it will be enough for your customers and future customers. It doesn’t mean that, your ads have to be in colourless but substance is more important than style.

Not being viewer-friendly. It’s an essential part of advertising. The readers should be able to get the message you are trying to pass immediately and follow a set of simple but clear instruction to get the most out of the product or service you are advertising.