Make up step by step guides

Goes before the foundation or concealer? How to apply the powder? Simone Belli, makeup artist for L'Oreal Paris gives us all her tips for a perfect make-up routine. And a face-proof flash.

From what we start to have a skin ready for make up?

"To have a clean skin recommend you do a scrub every 15 days, the ideal formula is that of the star that revealed to me the actress Carolina Crescentini or a mixture of baking soda to whiten, honey to moisturize and lemon works well as anti-stain ».

The first rule for the perfect base?

"There is no make-up without a moisturizing base and regularizing in case of oily skin."

Speaking about of the primer ...

"The first step to do is to regularize the complexion using a primer only on the T-zone every day and all over the face for special occasions. Immediately give that extra twist. The second step is to act on the color, relieving redness with a cc cream green. So before applying foundation act only on the color corrections. "

Which foundation choose?

"If I have a skin oleaosa'll have to choose a foundation texture mat, and will opt for a more fluid if the driest skin. Then I have to choose whether to have a nude with a product in contact with the skin gives total transparency and disappears, or a more opaque with a creamy foundation and long-lasting. Speaking of the foundation is like talking about many different women .... "

How do you get the fateful porcelain skin?

"To have a skin where divine not opt for the natural, but I have to use a covering product that I will go then to fix with a mineral powder."

How to apply the powder?

"The difference is the applicator. If I used a fondotnta long lasting and I want to get a covering effect, I will have to use a paintbrush cat's tongue or fiber and tap the powder in the central area and the jaw and chest instead make a circular motion, then dab with a sponge latex to fix the product. If I used a bare foundation will have to do a sort of dance on your face in circular motions applying powder with a brush fiber. "

Let's step back, the concealer ...

"Before the powder and apply concealer after foundation only where there is a sign darker and not on the entire eye socket. Yes to a lighter shade of foundation but do not overdo it. Among concealer stick and the fluid recommend it because it has a more manageable. "

Now it's up to the ground, right?

"In order to obtain three-dimensional I have to apply the earth to sculpt and blush to light. As regards the ground, must be two tones darker to create shadows. If I have a round face I have to dig under the cheekbone, if I have the thin face I realize a slight shadow on the entire oval to give a warm effect. "

The secret to shrink the nose?

"You have to create shadows on the side and on the tip so it will seem narrower and shorter."

The blush to light?

"Yes, the effect is more that goes to Pomette, that I have to apply a pink blush on the knob without getting too close to the nose. And to finish it all a bit 'of water spray to remove the effect of powder. "

How to apply the illuminating powder to avoid becoming reflectors?

"The illuminating powders are a double edged sword, should never be put under the eyes, but little touches at the temples to the cheekbones. If you want lips more voluminous then, before you can apply gloss and lipstick. "

Three indispensable products?

"The powder to remove immediately the effect oily and tired as we teach the divas 50s, lipstick and eye drops for the eyes, to give freshness to the eye."