Hotels in Inverness

Located in the middle of the Scottish highland , this city in British Isle is  full of high-tech  industries and traditional industries. With its  railway station located in the heart of the city , it is easy to  travel  to Inverness from anywhere in London.

 A  few minute drive to Lochness  you can enjoy the beautiful big hills. On the way to  Nairin you can check in cozy cottages and resort which offer golf  playing opportunity. There are a good number of historic castles also besides watching these mountains.

With summer  approaching  the occupancy rate in Inverness gets high. Every year the number of tourists visiting  Inverness  increases.

With a variety of restaurants  in Inverness you can meet your  demands with  money saved in your pocket. You can find high quality Scottish food and modern cuisine.

The mustard seed, castle restaurant  - cheap, popular  and offer quality food. La Tortilla Asesina – famous among the Spanish food lover.

There are plenty of pubs and nightclubs in Inverness but there is a deadline till 12 o clock. After midnight no one is allowed  in bars or clubs. With plenty of music and shows  the atmosphere becomes  fun and lively. Doris inn and  loch ness  bar are good  to relax and sip a glass of chilled beer  in summer .

With skiing facility and the mountain top shopping area and restaurant,  Inverness  has 2 mountain resort.

Cairngorm Mountain and Nevis Range. You can have a pleasant 30 mile drive to this resort. You can have a pleasant drive through the winding roads of Scotland.

There are various hotels in Inverness with some  spectacular views and locations. A stay in the mountainous highland can be safely recommended as the visitors who have travelled to this place have always returned back with great memories. Let us have alook at some of the most popular hotels in Inverness.

Lochside hotel  has its own private guest house in an island  where you are allowed for fishing and feed not so wild animals and also With Facilties of breakfast and sleep over in the boat. Cottage, hostels  caravans are also there for accommodation.

Dunhallin House: Another popular hotel is the Dunhallin House. It offers excellent  pleasant and comfortable accommodation. The service is friendly and the budget does not burn holes in the pocket. It also boasts of providing multi cuisine meals at affordable prices.

Bught camping site-This place is open only from March till November.The camp is just a 20 min walk from the city along the river side enabling you to relax and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature. You can try out for the  youth hostels too. They are quite good and comfortable and extremely cheap .But advance booking is  required as it is difficult to get a vacant room in a major portion of the year.