Technology is now wearing. LIFESTYLE / HI-TECH

The technology is now wearing and it is "smart".

From Las Vegas comes a vessel full of new hi-tech: among the most popular devices and wearable gadgets connected. Here are the new start of the year!

These days in Las Vegas will be showcasing the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which showcases the new hi-tech present and near future. But even outside of the US fair, there are many companies who take advantage of the early months of the year to begin offering their technological jewels.

Two trends that are adopted more and more: the wearable devices, that is wearable, as smartwatch, bracelets and ear multifunction "smart", and the smart home, or all those appliances interactive able to communicate with other devices such as smartphones and tablets, to make the house - that is, the management of heating, consumption control, surveillance etc. - Governable even remotely.