Gary Lineker joins masses in mocking Robbie Savage

Robbie Savage was commentating for the BBC when he said something everyone immediately picked up on.

Gary Lineker was quick to mock fellow BBC man Robbie Savage after the former midfielder made an unwise comment during their live coverage of Aston Villa against Leicester City.

Savage's commentary was picked up on by many, including Lineker, who was the BBC's anchor in the studio for the fifth-round tie.

As a result of frustration at the way both teams were failing to keep the ball, Savage insisted that "Football's easy" in his commentary, perhaps attempting to encourage simple play.

Lineker was quick to tweet his disdain for the comment, presumably from the studio, as the Welshman's own shortcomings on the football pitch were highlighted.


Gary Lineker @GaryLineker

"Football's easy" says @RobbieSavage8 I saw you play, mate. Is it really?

JR @jrhz24

if robbie savage found football so easy it makes you wonder why his Derby team only managed to pick up about 11 points that year

Brian Bilston @brian_bilston

A Short Poem About Robbie Savage I would rather eat Soggy cabbage Than listen to Robbie Savage.

However, the man more renowned for his pantomime villain status and long blond hair than his football at times, immediately drew a withering response from all and sundry.

Savage, whose work for the BBC is often derided by fans given his opinionated and outspoken style, did not gain much sympathy for the comment made in what was a poor match.

It only added to fans' frustrations at Savage, who now commentates for both the BBC and BT Sport, effectively dominating the competition.

That 80's Show @thisismic

BBC commentary - Robbie Savage BT Sport - Robbie Savage .... Can't get away from him

Paddy Power @paddypower

YOU ARE JOKING! Robbie Savage commentating AGAIN! BT and BBC! NOWHERE IS SAFE!

Well, he does seem to enjoy the fact that he divides opinion and sparks a reaction on social media, so he may not be too disappointed.

Source: https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/gary-lineker-joins-masses-in-mocking-robbie-savage-over-comment-142712194.html