The ketogenic diet is a diet high in protein and fat, but low in carbohydrates, often used by body builders to burn quickly and store lipids and define lean mass. It enables to lose up to 4 kg in a week, but it has many cons that need to know. Here are all the secrets of the ketogenic diet.

This particular type of diet is based on feeding high in fat and protein, leaving almost carbohydrates, forcing the body in this way to burn fat. Suggested to control seizures, is now widely used by those who want to lose weight in a short time (up to 4 kg in a week), from those who want to lower bad cholesterol, or by those suffering from type 2 diabetes.

How does this work?
The body needs about 180 grams of glucose per day to perform its vital functions properly. When the body lacks quest'apporto, begins to procure it alone, breaking down proteins and lipids, a laborious process and wasteful of energy leading to weight loss while preserving lean mass, however, that the muscles.

Food yes
For those who want to follow a diet of this type, it is advisable to consume eggs, poultry, sausage, lamb, turkey, meat, fish, cheese, meats, pistachios, walnuts, almonds and bread as the only permitted, that of rye. Yes vegetables (also 500 grams per day) as asparagus, mushrooms and broccoli. As a condiment, the best extra virgin olive oil, compared to butter.

No food
Avoid pasta, bread, rice, sugary drinks, pizza, ice cream and vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and peas, as they contain many carbohydrates.

Types of ketogenic diet
Follow this diet for an extended period, it can be harmful to the body. Hence, the twotypes: that cyclic, which provides a low carbohydrate content (about 50-60 grams per day) for about a week, and then a step of charging, in which raise the intake of carbohydrates to be introduced in 'body (about 10 grams per kilogram of body weight).

That intermittent, instead, is very followed by those who practice aerobic sports and does not include the step of charging since will be assumed for the entire week, but in a quantity of 0.7 grams per kilogram of body weight.

The main advantage of this diet is that you can lose pounds quickly, without damaging the lean mass, but only affecting fat mass.

There are some and concern mainly the state of health. This type of diet, in fact, stimulates the formation of ketone bodies, such as acetone, acetoacetate and 3-hydroxybutyrate, that if produced in normal amounts, our organism disposes without problems through the kidneys and lungs, but if this production begins to increase, their accumulation in the blood (called ketosis, in fact) lowers the blood pH resulting in metabolic acidosis.

This can lead to dizziness, weakness, hypoglycemia and gastrointestinal disorders, sore heads, halitosis and general feeling of fatigue, due to the shortage of sugar.
- Increased cholesterol due to the large amount of fat eaten, fatigue, kidney and liver, who have to work twice as hard to dispose of toxins.
- Increased stress, because the body has to deal with the situation of shortage of sugar and should make up for burning fat.

For those fine
- For those who suffer from seizures;
- For athletes, who practice body building;
- For those suffering from metabolic diseases, such as obesity or being overweight;
- For those suffering from type 2 diabetes to control their blood sugar.

For those not good
- For those suffering from type 1 diabetes;
- For those suffering from kidney disease and liver;
- Who is pregnant, because it needs a balanced diet;
- Who is at the stage of puberty, because he needs all the nutrients for healthy growth and balanced.