In the world of today a vacation is a rare phenomenon. So the choice of the destination has to be pretty spot on as one the ultimate objective is to relax as well as chill out. In this regard if combining architecture along with splendour is in your mind Bath could be an ideal destination. The prime reason for the place evolving leaps and bounds is the hotels in this part offer the best in terms of budget as well as luxury. Hotels in Bath everything in them to attract the audience and one who visits it will bound to do it again.

Hotels in Bath are a symbol of elegance and splendour. The Royal Crescent Hotel along with the Royal Spa hotels are the important ones that come across our minds straight away.

In terms of luxury the Royal Crescent is one of the best Hotels  in Bath and occupies the two main central buildings in of the city. One of the buildings had its origin in the year 1775 and was developed by John Wood. The greatest attraction of this hotel is a one acre garden which is the home of Spa and contains the award winning Dower house as well.

Other than the architecture and splendour which is a raptor of buildings and gardens most of the hotels are an epitome of the city which reflects the civilized world. In terms of dining facilities dinner, lunch along with complimentary breakfasts is the part and parcel of every hotel. This incidentally happens to be a 5 star hotel.

If your budget is on the lower side then Queensberry hotel in the centre of the city gives you the feeling of home away from home. The theme of the hotel is to combine the architecture along with the modern amenities. Perhaps the greatest advantage of this place is that within 10 minutes all the major attractions in the city can be covered. This hotel is the home of the Olive Tree Restaurant which serves the modern British cuisine where one can relax and dine in a peaceful environment of sorts.

The Pratt’s hotel happens to be the hotels developed in the year 1743 and John Wood was the brainchild behind it. For the last two centuries it has left a mark on the history of the place.