Woman finds surprise $10million in her bank account

A customer service agent told her it was her money

For most people it would be a dream come true, but a woman in Australia said she was stressed out after her bank balance was unexpectedly bumped up to almost $10 million [£5million].

On Saturday Sue Lamb used a Bank Of Queensland cashpoint to take $100 from her ANZ account. To her surprise the bank receipt after the withdrawal said that her available balance stood at $9,990,420.94 - around £5million.

Initially the 49-year-old wrote on her Facebook page: "Okey dokey. Just checked my credit card which has a limit of $50k and guess what!!! I'm a millionaire!!!! Check out the balance. Plus I've got no debt on it sooo strange. Lol woo hooo let's goooooo girls Tahiti sounds nice. Best I fess up"

But when she called the bank to notify them of the error, a customer service worker insisted that it was her money and there was nothing he could do, she told Daily Mail Australia.

"I said "It's not my money" and he said "But it's a compound of all your company's funds", but I don't have a company, I'm a sole trader.

"This gentleman didn't seem too concerned, he was more concerned with telling me that they were my funds," she said.

But when Ms Lamb checked her account again two days later she found that the extra money had disappeared. 

She said: "They've really caused grave stress for my family... I've seen stories around the world where people get in a lot of trouble for this."

A spokesperson for the bank confirmed that the extra money was showing as a result of an error made by the bank.

"The available balance on the BOQ ATM receipt refers to the amount of the monthly spend cap rather than the available credit,' a spokesperson told the Daily Mail Australia.

'We're investigating why the BOQ’s receipt is showing the monthly spend cap rather than the actual balance."