Makeup in full color, like a picture of Anna Sutor

"The pursuit of beauty tends to the imitation of nature." So Anna Sutor reveals the secret of her beauty-illustrations: three boards that are inspired by the bright colors of the make-up of the spring-summer.

"Anna uses lime green because it reminds me of the Amazon Rainforest, the yellow and orange are those of the citrus groves of Noto, fuchsia him steal the tropical flowers of Brazil." Hear about Anna Sutor colors he uses to paint his illustrations is like taking a trip (mental) to some tropical destination and very sunny. The truth is, that you, those places saw them and really lived. And not just those.

After graduating in Architecture in Venice in 1998, Anna immediately begins to experience in Rotterdam study star architect Rem Koolhass then moved to London and join the staff of another big dell'archittetura as Norman Foster. At some point, however, he felt that something was missing: "I realized it was the color. And this discovery has made me free to express myself, "she explains.

In the interview she keeps saying, "Dye your hair and decorate their body are very ancient cultural and social events, common to men and women who were born long before any form of writing. In this sense the trick fascinates me: it is an ancient art which man needs and comes from very intense coloring properties of some seeds and plants. But the beauty I seek everywhere: from the books that I read to the movies that I choose to see, to the spaces that suit the music I listen to. And what I eat moved in my illustrations. "

Anna Explains that the trick to become a make-up to become a 'illustrator affirmed and' what to pay attention to the details, because if you read carefully, can be turned into valuable ingredients that nourish the 'imagination. "When the pairing process begins in my mind does not stop until the result comes." Many of his ideas come to bed at night when all the images accumulated in the days before they are deposited in the memory. Suddenly something breaks away from the rest and catches the eye here is that the illustration was born. Now you just need to realize it. "