Hotels in Leeds

Hotels in Leeds are sure to give you a good time as most of the hotels are situated among some famous places which are good to explore. Nearly every hotel has a restaurant and bar. You can easily find budgeted hotels in Leeds with all the luxury and comfort at a decent location. As Leeds is hardly 2 hours from London, a lot of people visit Leeds either to have a good break from their daily routine or they come on a business trip. No matter what your reason is to come to Leeds, a relaxed, stylish and vibrant hotel is not difficult to get.

Leeds a metropolitan city is a cultural and financial center of West Yorkshire. Bradford is an integral part of Leeds and a metropolitan area which is ranked as the 4th largest in the whole UK. Holiday Inn express is a great option to stay or plan your meeting. It is located at the Bradford Leisure exchange and is a great place to have food or do shopping. If you are looking to stay at Holiday Inn then it will be a great choice because travelling will be quite easy. Opposite the hotel you will find buses and trains which travels at a great speed. A great way to explore the city. There are other hotels in Bradford like Jurys Inn Bradford, Hilton Bradford hotel, Great Victoria hotel and many more.


You will find all the facilities at the hotels in Leeds if you are travelling for a business purpose. There are big conference halls, wireless to access the internet, big LCD screens and a few hotels can arrange necessary stuff for your meeting like laptop, stationery, projectors and other relevant items. There is a charge to rent this for an hour or so which is reasonable. Once you are over with your business meeting then you would like to relax and check for good food. There are plenty of dining options near the hotel or you can ask the staff to prepare good lunch or dinner depending on your choice.

You have several other options in the city. Leeds is a great place for events. It has a fabulous vibrant cultural along with a great choice to stay. The rooms in hotels are large, modern and comfortable. You will find lounges and bars in the close vicinity of the hotel and within a few mins you could explore other places in the city.