The 5 Coolest Hotels in Liverpool

Hotels in Liverpool have their own significance. Liverpool has a very influential claim to fame as the birthplace of the Fab Four. As the tourism is of extreme importance of the city it won’t be so difficult for anyone to plan a holiday to Liverpool. The most difficult task that one can face is the getting of a truly hip hotel. If you are unable to stay at a hotel that is genuinely remarkable, it can spoil your holiday. So, while planning for a trip, booking of a genuinely remarkable hotel is more important. There are many sources through which you can know about such hotels and book a room over there such as travel agencies or even through online. Through online you will be able to compare the charges between different hotels so that you can get the best offer.  

Hard Days' Night Hotel, 62 Castle Street, Express by Holiday Inn, Parr Street and Racquet Club are some of the most famous hotels in Liverpool. These are some of the most sophisticated as well as luxurious hotels as you will be provided with all the necessary things for entertainment and recreation. The facilities that are given in 62 Castle Street are CD players, exceptional bathroom as well as Plasma televisions. A room in this hotel can give you the feeling of home away from home especially for those who feel exhausted because of their journey. The most attractive feature of the hotel is that it has the sleek and stylish designs of Victorian times. The Hard Days' Night Hotel is another one that will experience you the culture of that city. The main aim of the people in Hard Days' Night Hotel is to keep the original things in a very careful manner.

Express by Holiday Inn is known for its brick as well as warehouse looks. So, this inn is considered to have the most trendily designed as compared to other hotels in Liverpool. Parr Street is recommended as the coolest hotel in the entire area. The reason due to which it has become so special is the presence of twelve "boho chic" rooms in the hotel. The location around the hotel is enough to make yourself comfortable as well as relaxing. The Racquet Club is comprised of only eight rooms. The most important and attractive part of the hotel is that each and every room of the hotel is decorated so beautifully that it makes it more luxurious. To get the best booking just compare different hotels present there. While booking a room make sure that you will be provided with all the necessary things. Try to collect as much as information you can about any particular hotel.