Samsung Galaxy S6, all the rumors

Thinner, the new flagship of the South Korean home will unibody, qHD display, microprocessor faster and more efficient, intelligent camera and wireless charging.

For some a bit 'in pursuit of the design of the iPhone 6, for other even better. Missing just over a week at the official presentation at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the Samsung Galaxy S6.

The rumors circulating these days indeed give a pretty good idea of the device in front of which we will be in a few days. It will be a smartphone very light and thin (6.9 mm), probably in glass and metal, with a Super AMOLED qHD display 5 inches or so and a unibody, that is with the battery, perhaps by 2600 mAh, not removable. But that should show off some interesting features in the speed and charging mode. It now seems clear, according to the advances granted by the South Korean giant, also wireless.

As for the brain and to the most interesting, the S6 should be equipped with the new Exynos microprocessor 7, a 14-nm octacore faster than 20% and less energy consuming than 35 compared to the previous model, and 3 GB of RAM. Will be released with the latest version of Android 5.0.2 (Lollipop, modified with the TouchWiz interface) and among other features should have a 16-megapixel rear camera (maybe even 21) with different functions and high speed shooting sensitivity. Good also to the front, to the relentless Selfie.

From the point of view of the unusual features, perhaps as early as the new model on which the group led by Kwon Oh-Hyun- which will be presented in a version with Edge curved display, a bit 'like the Galaxy Note phablet Edge - should have Samsung pay or otherwise of a payment solution via smartphone which competes pay at Apple in Cupertino. It should integrate technology startups LoopPay just acquired by South Korean house that is not based, like that of the bitten apple, sull'Nfc - whose readers are still very rare, especially in Italy - but uses a magnetic signal to simulate the swiping card credit in traditional Pos adopted in the exercises. Which, in fact, would make what is called a killer application. Prices starting from 750 € depending on the capacity.