Maldives, A Paradise on Earth

Maldives a Paradise on Earth

Maldives, Dhivehi, or the Republic of Maldives is an island nation constituted of 26 coral islets-or atolls, standing in the Laccadive Sea in the Indian Ocean, about 400 kms south-west of India. Maldives was colonised by various colonial powers including Portugal, the Netherlands, and Britain; and gained independence from the British in 1965, hence becoming a republic, although its first free elections couldn’t be achieved up to as late as 2008. Apart from being the most geographically dispersed country, Asia’s smallest and least populous country, Maldives is also the planet’s lowest country- with a forecast inundation, being a great matter of concern for the Maldivian people. Maldives waters home several ecosystems, but are the most famous for their marine ecosystem- coral reefs, fishes, dolphins and whales, sea turtles, crustacean species, etc.

Maldives, in terms of tourism, has been growing again as a popular tourist spot, after a few years of coping with disasters, including the 2004 tsunami. It is an ideal place for a holiday for people looking forward to relaxing in the lap of nature, and its breathtaking beauty. Maldives is unique in tourism as it actively promotes eco tourism, in order to protect the underwater ecosystems. The island nation is ideal, not only for divers and snorkelers, but also for beach lovers-families and honeymooners at the same time. The marine ecosystem, its hotels and resorts, and beautiful sea beaches make Maldives be the topmost holiday destination in the European market. In the Maldivian resorts, the dive centres are one of the most important facilities, being staffed by dive instructors and dive sessions conducted daily all around the year. Maldives also has two decompression chambers- one in Kaafu Atoll, and the other in Ari Atoll.

The nation is covered with thousands of dive sites, making each site different from the other, owing to its flora, fauna, currents, reefs, and other factors moulding their outlook. The resorts focus on the dive sites, whereas the cruise boats are capable of exploring the water, and hence, more of the diverse underwater ecosystems. Water sports are also a major contributor to the Maldives being so popular among water lovers. The South-West monsoon from April to October is the best season for surfers.

The website will guide you through the list of must-see tourist spots in Maldives, as well as a list of exotic hotels and resorts ideal for your stay in the beautiful island nation. Whether you are a honeymoon couple or a big happy family to visit Maldives for a break from your monotonous life, the site, by all means will help you guide through your travel plans and to make it a memorable stay in the country. Moreover, the dive sites available at each resort without fail, are features that won’t let you forget your visit to Maldives, long even after your tan has gone!  So what are you waiting for? Take a break, pack your bags, grab two tickets and get set for a wonderful vacation at Maldives.