Keys claims that Redknapp could not handle himself objectively on air.

Former Sky Sports presenter Richard Keys has claimed that current TV pundit Jamie Redknapp once "lost the plot" with an Arsenal fan.

Keys, who has previously blasted Sky Sports since he left the company, was far from complimentary about Redknapp, who he says could not be trusted to handle himself objectively.

The former Sky anchor, who is now working in Qatar, says he "lost count" of the number of times he had to calm Redknapp down when at work in his latest blog.

His comments come after Redknapp was believed to have infuriated Jose Mourinho with his views live on air, leading to the Chelsea boss making an appearance on Goals on Sunday.

Mourinho delivered a stinging rant while on the Sunday morning show with his appearance, according to Keys, having the aim of repairing damage between the two parties.

"It was all pre arranged. It was a decision made at the 'highest' levels of the broadcaster and Chelsea as they tried to clear the air after recent problems between the two, started by something Jamie Redknapp said I'm told.

"I don't know for sure because I'm busy doing my own job when he's on air. I can believe the suggestion though. I lost count of the times I had to calm him (Redknapp) during the many occasions I worked with him.

"There's a guy at Arsenal can thank his lucky stars there was glass between him and Redknapp the night of the 4-4 v Spurs at the Emirates. Jamie lost the plot completely. He wanted to fight him.

"It was the last time we let him work on a game that one of his Dad's teams was playing in. He would often get too close to individuals he liked, or not, and couldn't offer objective opinions."

Keys left Sky Sports in 2011 in controversial fashion after being at the centre of a sexism story along with expert analyst Andy Gray.

Keys and Gray both worked with Redknapp for Sky's Premier League live coverage until the pair left in an acrimonious manner.

Source: https://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/blogs/world-of-sport/ex-sky-sports-presenter-richard-keys-claims-jamie-redknapp--lost-the-plot--with-fan-134129568.html