Hotels in Leicester


Hotels in Leicester  are not that difficult to find. Leicester is the oldest and  largest city  in the East Midlands and it lies  at the edge of a national forest. The city is proud of its medieval heritage  castle and cathedral. It also hosts Grand Caribbean carnival , pride parade  Diwali and comedy festival. With tourism increasing each year, hotels in Leicester are flourishing all over the city.

Fun place where you can explore the  National  space, Conkers and Twycross zoo. You can explore  the national forest too. It is a 2hr cycling  through the forest. Tobogganing is another famous activity .It is driving  the car to the hill top and then there are series of twists and turns all the way down.

Haymarket and high-class market are the two important markets in Leicester. The Haymarket was built in 1974 .It was the first building in the city which has 500 car parking facilities on several levels. The  High cross market  was built to accommodate 120 stores , 15 restaurants and  cinema hall. Out  door market  of Leicester  sells a wide variety of  shopping  items. The golden mine  road is famous for its renowned Indian restaurant, Indian Sari’s and jewelers. Diwali is celebrated here on this road and it is quite famous in Leicester.

Whether you are looking for budget accommodation or more city style accommodation , Leicester has a wide variety of selections. One’s  family can stay overnight  in a  luxurious hotel and enjoy a variety of activities. From cycling in the national forest to tobogganing during their short vacation there is a host of activities to one’s liking. You can sit and relax country settings or enjoy chic  city hotels or stay in the middle of the nature in a youth hostels or farms and barns. You can also look for guest house.

There are many hotels in Leicester which is quite comfortable in your pocket.You can stay right in the city center and enjoy the night life , shopping and  festivals.There are hotels which also provide amphitheatre and spa too.

Hotel Maiyango- located in the city center, the hotel has 14 rooms which are   stylish contemporary decorated .

Hotel Hinckley  Island-  This AA 4 star hotels provide with 360 rooms.It is a family friendly hotel which provides modern facilities.it has a huge dining area, a contemporary style bar , leisure club and  pizza lounge.You can get children’s meal too. Children's activities are provided to keep the children busy and have fun.

Sketchley Grandge- A very cozy and  luxurious 52 room hotel  in Leicester. The beds and pillows which they provide are very soft and very comfortable. A night stay in this hotel will surely refresh your mind. There is free coffee and tea service. You can head to  the Terrance bistro restaurant for a quick snack or meal. Room service is also available. The hotel providecall alarm, if required. Iron is provided in the room in case you need to iron it. Jacuzzi is provided to  for a refreshing morning bath and relaxation.