Introverts: you need to know

Not easy being introverted in this world of constant and guffaws of laughter forced bundling. Conventions, habits, occasions forced smiles ordinance. Can potentially be many situations that promise to mistreat and stress not just those without the constant need to weave in every possible context, by voice or with the body, social relationships.

  1. Who often likes to put on and take off more than it is perhaps mistaken for a suicide, a chronically depressed, a maniac, a sufferer. If not worse. Higher Perspective has decided to put together some sort of definitive clarification. A number of reasons why you should stop thinking introverts as poor misfits.
  2. Alone is good. It is an element that often brings them together with only children: by themselves are fine. It is not in fact a problem rimanersene home peacefully. So, you do not need that people shake them from their slumber. Indeed, they might get the opposite effect.
  3. You have to know them. Yes, sometimes from outside are not the greatest of courtesy, may appear rough or rude. Friends have all right. Simply, it hard to acclimatize in unfamiliar places or with strangers. We give them time.
  4. They shine with the right people. A little 'with the same logic of friends and acquaintances, in general introverts should feel safe and secure. That's why people choose to be able to "shine with the company more than adequate." Sure, sometimes - but this applies to all, introverted and no - it takes time to find the right people.
  5. Better to write than talk. Given all these circumstances, those who are not particularly effusive is usually easier to express themselves via mediated direct. Resorting to e-mail, for example. Or the old letters. In short, if you thought of making a call, stop: better a short message.
  6. They are super-efficient. Maybe a logical consequence of increased mental cleansing? Who knows. In any case, introverts, especially in their free time, they tend to be very productive and conclude projects often complicated. Solitude helps.
  7. Reserved in every sense. Introverted means sometimes impenetrable. That's why if you do not go to their genius probably will never know. Or will it be complicated to understand. Moreover, this kind of people hates quarrels and conflicts: prefers to good face on a single occasion. And never see you again. Call them idiots.
  8. Shortly networking ... At least, introverts will see them a few events where people know, like those parties obliged his head or something. It's really not their ideal ecosystem.
  9.  …and no crowds. As a logical consequence, these people do not like to slip into chaos and crowds. Too many stimuli disorienting and tired, better stay away. Or at least do not go overboard.
  10. A Certain disinterest. Pay attention to friends. A lot. Who is outside the magic circle, however, is likely in fact that I have never listened to seriously when telling their own stories. Simply, no interest. The positive side of this attitude? Do not judge others.
  11. If they choose to love you. Introverts give much value to the time spent in solitude. So, if you choose, and you attend often means that you really have selected in the pile. In short, it means that they love you. So do not stress them if you do not live for a few days.