Renting flats in London

London the most vibrant fashionable city provides the most costliest accommodation in the world. If you are new in the city it is better you listen to the advice of friends, relatives for a good neighborhood. Renting an apartment  in London is not easy. But searching in smart way can guide you to find a good flat  for rent in London. Renting in the city is a good way to get its rich essence. Though the price tag is high but the apartments are sleek luxurious cozy and furnished. There are some things which you might be unfamiliar about renting a Flat  in London is the change in the price quoted per week.

You might want to check the location  and the neighborhood before selecting your apartment. Central London is expensive so you might  want to check the suburbs. You can spare yourself from this hectic search through  the internet. The internet   can provide you information about apartments as it is always updated and  you can get your preferred location and neighborhood within your budget. You  must look for public transport and subways too. Look for apartments near your office and availability of school in the locality. You can look for student housing too for it is safe, but it requires filling out of the application and the stay can be costly as 300pound a week.

Walking to the agent office for requirement of  the apartment is not a good idea. Personally talking with the landlord will be helpful, just to make sure you  are not paying a high price to the agent.

With all the crazy rent be prepared to pay entire the first month and second month as a security deposit. Decide whether you want to share the rent with someone else to lower your rent burden.

While you are checking the house be sure to check if the rooms have central heating  facility, dishwasher, if the windows and the doors are in good condition and if the fridge is decent . Also check for gas , plumbing, Leakage in the ceiling, electricity, and water supply .People usually forget to check these. Take your time checking every detail. Don’t be shy you are paying a high price for it.

If you are planning to share your room,  choose carefully whom you want to live with. Make sure you discuss all your payments and bills with your roommate.

If you can get hold on with the previous tenant of the house you might get the idea of the problems they have faced.

Agents and landlord will always try to fool you, the landlord makes the agent work.They can pressurize you for buying the property.But  don’t sign anything unless you are satisfied. It is always better you guide yourself with the internet. As the resource is updated and you can search your preferred location minutely.