Want to send a handwritten note? Now a ROBOT can scribble your letters using a Montblanc pen so you don't have to

We are spending so much time composing messages on emails, texts and tweets, that handwritten letters have become a rarity.

But in a strange twist, digital technology rather than humans could help save the art of handwriting, if one robot system has its way.

Dubbed 'Bond', the system combines MakerBot 3D printers, Montblanc pens and a mobile app to write messages in any cursive.

'Nobody has ever said, "You know what's awesome? I had the best experience at American Greetings,:' Sonny Caberwal, founder and CEO of Bond told Fast Company.

'We have really set out to reimagine what that would look like - how we can create a truly personal experience that lets people deliver that personal touch that is truly theirs, but let them do it from anywhere,'

Bond imitates human handwriting using fluid movements and differing pressures to make the cursive look authentic.

Mimicking human handwriting is deceptively difficult and there are thought to be thousands of ways that letters can be connected together.

The robot must adopt human-like amounts of pressure on certain joins and letters - perhaps such as dotting an I - as well as not smudging the writing to make it looks authentic.

The robot forms part of an app and gift service for people with more money than time, effectively allowing them to send handwritten cards from their iPhone.