I'm not really feeling my selfie today: Gorilla zoo photograph captures grumpy silverback sulking in the background

The selfie craze has even reached the animal kingdom, it appears.

Students at Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey have revealed these amazing images captured life in the park from the animal's point of view.

Cameras were installed in animal proof boxes and put in enclosures as part of the project.

They even managed to sum of life in the gorilla enclosure perfectly - while a female played with a camera, a grumpy looking male silverback called Bodongo sat grumpily in the background.

Created by American students Eloise Sherrid and Zoe Lohmann, they are part of an art project the pair developed.

'They are from an ongoing video project Zoe and I are working on to promote the Trust's conservation methods and education programs,' Sherrid told Dailymail.com.

'We're both very passionate environmentalists, so as artists we decided to put our skills to use helping Durrell get recognition for the extraordinary work they do around the globe.'

Sherris admitted that the gorilla picture was a particularly tough one to capture, and at one point the she was shouted at by Bodongo, the silverback, for getting too close to his son.

'I was too aggressive with my attempts to film the baby, Indigo, so his father shouted at me a few times to back off.'  


Jon Stark, a Senior Ape Keeper at Durrell, did an experiment a few years ago where he tossed a camera into the gorilla enclosure after encasing it in a reinforced Pelican box, so the pair used this approach. 

'Together we recreated the scenario with HD video, and were able to record the silverback, Badongo, his mate Kahili, and their son Indigo. 

'The box contained raisins, so the gorillas lifted the box over their heads to shake out the food and in the process recorded themselves and their family members.'