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Sporting activity helps to prevent cellulite and to minimize its impact. But what are the most suitable sports to combat this imperfection? And it is true that it is better to avoid intense workouts and too long?
Cellulite is an aesthetic problem that affects 9 out of 10 women and did not spare even the celeb that, at first glance, seem perfect. Occurs mainly in parts of the body such as thighs, buttocks and hips, areas particularly sensitive to estrogen (female sex hormones) that tend to suggest liquids and to accumulate fat.
An unbalanced diet, as well as being sedentary, are factors that aggravate further the appearance of cellulite. A proper physical activity, however, activates the circulation, promotes cell oxygenation improving, as a result, the muscle tone.
There are, however, a number of myths related to sports and cellulite on which we will try to clarify why it is true that aerobic activity - consistently practiced - helps us fight the fight against the bearings is, instead, the false cliché that after 30 years - without any previous sports and balanced diet - you can combat cellulite, but only worse. Even very intense workouts - practiced without interruption - are not as healthy, while not all sports slow to the desired effects. Better to focus on aerobic activities and soft on those who aim at more elastic and tone rather than to strengthen.

Against cellulite is not enough 20 minutes exercise a day
True "The metabolic mechanisms responsible for the disposal of fats are activated after twenty to thirty minutes of physical activity. This rule, however, does not apply to the bicycle, where the body starts to burn after an hour of cycling, "says sports physician Lorenzo Somenzini.
Water aerobics is perfect to combat cellulite
True and False E 'effective because it is an aerobic activity but less tiring than other turns off the water: in fact, in the water, the timing of dual resistance. In addition, water re-oxygenates the tissues and exerts a beneficial massage on the bearings. But there are just as effective physical activities such as swimming, hiking uphill or cycling, "says Lorenzo Somenzini, sports doctor.
Do much sport as a young man fights the appearance of cellulite in Mature
False "After forty years, the problem is related mainly to the female endocrine system. Cellulite can appear when the woman undergoes hormonal changes. Who has ever done much sport has a toned body and agile and, therefore, better circulation and oxygenates tissues, "says Lorenzo Somenzini.