An Unforgettable Trip to Orlando, USA

When the question of spending your vacation arises then there is no other better place than Orlando, USA. There you can get to experience unique things like flying through a swamp on an airboat or getting close with the wildlife at SeaWorld's Discovery Cove, etc.  Even after the sunset you can keep up with your jolly adventurous spirit by checking out for the show at Cirque de Soleil or visit one of the dinner theaters for getting an entertaining nightcap.

Orlando, USA is the best place for a family trip and it is also named as "The City Beautiful". The famous fountain at Lake Eola is the symbol of its basked beauty. "The Theme Park Capital of the World" is the other nickname of this place and it is so called because of the endless number of theme parks that are situated there like Magic Kingdom, Epcot, City Walk, and Animal Kingdom and so on.

Sea world Orlando – This place is well known for several stunning shows like dolphin jumping through hoops and others. You can even enjoy the rides or experience as a mammal keeper for an entire day.

Orange Tree Golf Club – This is one of the famous spot of tourist attraction especially for the golf lovers and you can even take parts in the matches that take place every day. If you do not want to play then you can simply swing around or watch the games being played.

Wonderworks – This house is very attractive and is designed in a unique upside down manner. For years this has been one of the most famous houses of Orlando and is filled with unlimited fun and more than 100 exhibits. If you visit here once you will simple become wonder struck.

Silver Springs – This is a 350 acres land with lush greenery and beautiful scenery. You can take glass bottom boats to make a ride. These boats have shelters that can protect you from the heat and sitting in it you can get a clear view of the underwater life.

If you want to visit a family tourist spot then go for the Discovery clove. This is an amazing place and you will blow off your imagination once you visit there. You can swim with the dolphins and also interact with other animals. Safety measures are taken care off so that both animal and people remain secured. The park allow only 1000 visitors in a day so do not be late.

Walt Disney World – Till today you must have only heard about this but now you can also experience yourself the beauty of Walt Disney Park. Everyone dreamt of visiting this place at least once in a lifetime. This is one of the biggest centers of attraction in Florida. It consists of 6 theme parks, lavishing food, luxury hotels and 2 water parks. Everything seems to be a fairy tale experience and this land is one of the best attractive spots for children.