Isis: Nutella, kittens and emoticons to recruit Westerners

According to CNN reports, to convince the European, the Islamic State, on social networks, has built a campaign of reassuring images.

The CNN reporter Carol Costello said: "The recruitment of young women among its ranks has become increasingly important for Isis, and the West are a target of the guerrillas. But the European need to be encouraged to join the jihad. "

And what have studied terrorists Isis to be able to better communicate with those who speak the language of the West? "They came to be part of social media, and not to appear threatening, try to send messages pleasing, with a Western-style approach.

They speak of jars of Nutella, publish pictures of kittens tender and hoard emoticons, to make people believe that their life on the battlefield is not so different from ours. They want you to believe that they like to spread the cream of hazelnuts on bread, and that along with their live puppies pet. Users are alerted. "

Everything indicates that the reputation of the West and those of women obsessed with sweets and the pet.

In fact, using techniques similar to this, last year, for example, the group contacted via the Internet, with success, three students of Colorado, and he convinced them to steal passports and money to their parents and fly to Turkey to join to them.