Istanbul, Turkey

It is the only city in the  world which is separated by Bosphorus straits and  lies both in Asia and Europe. This glamorous city will hypnotize you with its beauty and mystery. The city has many  palaces, mosque, bazaar, museum but what attracts most is the shore of the Bosphorus which looks absolutely stunning during sunset. This is the precise reason on why this place attracts tourists from all over the globe.

 Around the City Istanbul

Bosphorous- The shore of the Bosporus has many marble  palaces,forts ,small villages. One can take a boat ride and sail along the shore, seeing the beauty.

The Great  palace – Built by Constantinople , its  mosaic art on the floor  is  the most fascinating thing you would see.

The Blue mosque –The blue mosque is the city’s pride.Soaring high in the sky this magnificent mosque has  6minrets,  and beautiful  interiors designed with blue Iznik tiles .This mosque is still used by many people for their daily prayers.

Galata Towers –If you climb up the balcony of this tower you would get the entire view of Istanbul,Turkey.One can use lift to go to the top .For tourism  this tower has nightclubs, restaurant which provides belly dancing shows.

The princes Island -To escape from the city one can come to the only Island in Istanbul that is , The princes Island. This Island is packed up during  summer and weekends. If you plan to stay a night, book your accommodation ahead. As there are no cars available  one has to  travel by ferry to the Island. There are nine islands , and most of the islands have holiday homes, restaurant shopping zone,  bakeries, café, picnic area.  Picnic items are also sold  in this island. Fresh  mouth watering  seafood is available  too. Bicycles are available to roam around the town. Beautiful villas are given a rent for accommodation. Fifteen ferry runs each day and meet travelers need. Each ferry stops for about  fifteen  minutes to each island.

Hop and shop-

For tourist  shopping in Istanbul. Turkey would be the  ideal  place. With inexpensive items, Istanbul is full of  Bazaar  or market selling traditional  items.

The grand bazaar is one of the largest covered market in the world. People visit this marketplace for jewelry pottery, carpets.

Egyptian bazaar- One of the largest spice market in Istanbul. Spice trading is also done here. Corn trading was also done in a spice market in the past.

Taste of  Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey  offers a variety of cuisine too  from Europe as well as Mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine. Kebab, Lokum , baklava is the traditional food of Istanbul. Traveling  in Istanbul, Turkey and not tasting Turkish cuisine is not acceptable.