Miami, USA is a very interesting and exciting place in United States of America for its coastal location. It is considered to be the most happening place in the world and people from various countries all around the world visit Miami. This is the world’s third most visited tourist spot. This statement is an understatement as about 50 million tourists visit this place each year. It is filled with historical landmarks and natural wonders for visiting and it has outdoor activities which are enjoyed by all to the fullest. It is called “The Magic City” for its coastal location and around the year sunshine. Miami, USA is located on the south eastern coast of Florida, ‘The Sunshine State’. Miami constitutes of a very large Hispanic community and cover the population of 65% of the total population. Their main language is Spanish making it the largest Spanish speaking area in America other than Latin America. Miami is considered to be the cleanest city in America. This is a place which is wished to be visited by most people of the globe.

Some of the top attractions and places to visit in Miami are as follows:

  1. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Vizcaya museum and the gardens of Miami is a National Historic place. This museum is kept open all around the year for the tourists and the local visitors. The museum is constructed on the middle of around 10 acres of the gardens. An event is held annually in the museum is called the “Moonlight Garden Tour” and it is held every year in March.

  1. Deering Estate at Cutler

This estate at Cutler is an environmental, historical and also an archaeological preserve. This Deering Estate provides canoe rides and nature guided tours also with butterfly hikes. It is a mesmerising place for the people of all age.

  1. Matheson Hammock Park Beach

The Matheson Hammock Park Beach is one of the most beautiful parks with wonderful scenery. This particular beach has some unique and exceptional features which include things such as a man-made pool, a wonderful restaurant, a snack bar, a tranquil beach and also a marina.

  1. The Beaches

This beautiful and happening place is very popular for its wonderful and outstanding beaches. The three must visited beaches in Miami are the Miami Beach itself, the Niki Beach and the Hallandale Beach. These beaches are always full of tourists having fun enjoying to the fullest in the sun.

  1. Crandon Park Marina

The Crandon Park Marina provides few amazing and out of the world water sport activities, such assnorkelling and scuba diving. It also has variety of other beach attractions which are appropriate for the whole family.

  1. Freedom Tower

This Tower is a kind of memorial monument built in the memory of all the Cuban immigrants. The Cubans started immigrating in the year 1959 and later in the year 1979 this was added into list of historic places of the U.S. Government. This place provides a high degree environmental sustainability.