Empire, comes the "Dynasty of color" that has haunted America

Empire, comes the "Dynasty of color" that has haunted America Disembark on Fox the soap opera to the rhythm of hip-hop that makes listening to records in the United States. It was in 1991 that the show of a Generalist not increase the audience for seven weeks in a row.
Empire is a machine to listen. The new TV series that has won the United States and landed in Italy on Fox from March 3 has increased its audience for seven weeks in a row, a record that traditional networks not boasted since 1991. The episode was watched on 25 February 13 million Americans and has received 714,742 comments on social networks.

In an era when the general channels are overshadowed by cable networks (who can afford products such as Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, True Detective), while Netflix and streaming services continue to "steal" viewers to TV listings, Fox has managed to churn out a show that put all agree and got the cover of Entertainment Weekly in less than two months after its debut.

The series is written by Lee Daniels, former screenwriter of the film The Butler, and deploy feature the Oscar nominees Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson, respectively, in the shoes of Lucious Lyon and his ex-wife, Cookie, drug dealers converted a hip-hop moguls.

Or rather, Lucious is a milardario at the helm of Empire Entertainment, a record label that is going to be traded and that lends its name to a magazine, a clothing line, even in a champagne. Cookies, however, ended up behind bars to cover her husband.

The series opens with Lucious who discovers he has ALS and a few years of life ahead. To which of his three children will leave the empire he has built with so much effort? The brothers 'rivals' are Jamal, who is not able to digest his father's homosexuality, Hakeem, spoiled and hot-headed, and Andre, maneuvered by his wife upstart.

But the real engine of history is Cookie, a lava stone from the joke always ready, coming out of prison determined to take what he deserves (chapeau to the stage presence of Henson).

Empire has been defined by the new Daniels' Dynasty of color. "The narrative elements are there: intrigue, love, murder, power struggles. A soap opera to the rhythm of hip-hop, with music by Timbaland as a soundtrack and already snapped up on iTunes.

Fox has also recruited a slew of guest stars (as it did with Glee), who increased media attention around the series: from Snoop Dog to Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love to Rita Ora, from Patti LaBelle to Jennifer Hudson.

With this pedigree, no wonder Empire did center. Get ready to get addicted, and a summer of endless waiting, because it is guaranteed: the final will have a twist that even Shonda Rhimes of Grey's Anatomy. But part of the game. The audience has to come back for the second season.