One of the  most interesting tourism destination of the world is Montenegro. Though it is a very a small nation but the diversity in its culture and heritage is quite impressive in comparison to its extent. This nation has always been an epitome of  the struggle for freedom and it is the brightest star with glorious history and tradition. People here are soft spoken and generally show due respect to others. The population of the nation is also of diverse type as of its cultural heritage. Several types of civilizations like the Turkish, Christian, Islam, Slav, Byzantine and Illyrian make the country a wide pool of cultural wealth.


This country is one of the most important destinations in an ecological point of view. The lakes, canyon, seascapes, mountains make a unique combination to mesmerize the tourists from all over the world. It provides opportunities to the travelers to sip a cup of coffee on the beaches of the Budva Riviera, listen to the chirping of birds along with tinkling waves of the Skadar lake or one can dine sitting next to the  fireplace on the slopes of the lofty Durmitor Mountains.For more details about the tourist attractions one can log on to www.everyposition.com


Even the Montenegrin towns have a plethora of architectural grandeurs. These art engraved in the buildings of the Montenegrin buildings are considered one of brightest marvels among the architecture of the world. This architecture reveals the rich cultural heritage as well as provides one a scope to know the country from the core of its heart. The customs and the traditions depicted through the wall cravings would even make a layman understand its inner meaning without a help of a historian.


As stated earlier the diversification in the topography as well as the culture of this state provide ample scope of tourism within its boundaries, therefore it is obvious that there will be some of the unique places for the tourist to visit. Some of the best places are as follows:

  • The Monastery of Ostrog
  • The Bay of Kotor
  • Mountain and Mausoleum at Lovcen
  • The coast of Ada Bajona
  • Skadar lake
  • Canyon and the River Tara
  • Durmitor Mountains etc.


The best type of accommodation that Montenegro can provide is through its hotels. The Montenegrin hotels have rooms keeping in mind the budget of travelers from every type of economic background. The hotels of the country are:

  • Hotel Admiral – with a private beach
  • Hotel Oaza
  • Hotel Plavnica
  • Mountain hut Vučje
  • Hotel Podgorica
  • Hotel Onogost
  • Hotel Grand

It is quite common that a country would have uniqueness in its cuisine, so do is Montenegro. There is extensive use of cheese and other milk related products blended with a perfect combination of spices, sweet or salty in almost every type of dish. The best of the Montenegrin cuisines are the Civara,

Kacamak, Popara, Rastan, Thick Soups, Cooked Potato, Japraci, Sausage, Montenegrin lamb in Milk, Prsuta, Popeci from Podgorica, Lamb made under iron pan etc. Drinks like the Vranac and Krstac are also pretty famous.