Majorca, Spain is also known as Mallorca and it is one of the most interesting island of Baleric islands from the view point of culture and history. The official language used is Catalan and the locals use Mallorquin. This place covers an area of 3640 square km. If you want to make it luxurious then you can drive the entire island in your car. The capital of this island is Palma. This place has the most famous tourist spots attracting thousands of visitors from all across the globe.

Arta caves

These caves are opten till 5 pm during the tourist seaseson and it is equalliy pleasurable for people of all age groups. The caves are splited into different sections and each of them has its own speciality ranging from paradise to purgatory. The coastline of Capdepera is dotted with mountains that were used for the purpose of hiding during the period of Crusades. These mountains are known for its historical importance. The caves also feature various kinds of stalagmites and are known as 'Queen of Pillars.' This area covers almost 22 m and apart from these there are several locations for rock climbers and hiking trails that can surely raise the hiker in you.

If you want to get a spectacular view of the costal scenery of this wonderful island then you must take a boat trip. You can get a look of the stunning array of beautiful fishes and other marine lives. If you are taking any children on the boat then do use the sun block otherwise it increases the chances of sunburn.

Palma aquarium

If you are a lover of marine life then go for a trip to the Palma aquarium. This aquarium houses a varied number of beautiful fishes and other aquatic lives. This huge aquarium is divided into 3 sections 'dining with the sharks' where you can feed the sharks and watch them as long as you want, “The Big Blue” that includes guitar shark, manta rays, barracudas etc and lastly the “Old World” that features the traditional staples of an aquarium like sea horses and crabs.


If you are visiting Majorca then does not forget to visit the Marine land which is one of the favorites of children and if you are with your entire family then this place is worth visiting. This is an aquatic theme park that is situated only ten minutes away from Palma. The park shelters a number of aquatic lives and is not limits to dolphins, sharks and seas horses. You can also have a look of many rare animals and plants.

Western Park

 This park is located in Magaluf and you can easily get there by bus or a drive over the Majorca theme park. This park is very beautiful and the water currents are the main center of attractions. This is more popular for evening walks and dines. There are many restaurants in this park and diving spectaculars is one of the amazing sight that you can see while having your lavish dinner. During the tourist season this park is open up till 6 pm.