Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas, USA is one of the most exciting places that you have ever visited in your life. If you go there you will not get even a minute in your entire day to feel bored. You can easily get the accommodation facilities as Las Vegas houses a number of hotels and lodges that have their own unique importance. The casinos are over flowed with visitors during the seasonal times. There are several attraction spots which can entertain everyone, from a child to the oldest grandparents.

Ethel M Chocolate factory

From the strip this factory is almost 10 miles away but you can make an easy drive there in your car. If you want you can also ask your hotel manager to arrange the transportation for you as this is the most common tourist attraction spot. This factory is known for making the most mouth watering chocolates in the world and you can also view the manufacturing of the chocolate yourself. You will simply get amazed to see the ultra modern technologies that they used in the factories. The chocolates are costly but taste awesome. They also provide the option of shipping. This is a wonderland of chocolate where you will confuse to think what to buy and what not.

Beside the chocolate factory there is a huge garden that is known to be the largest garden of Nevada’s. This garden acquires an area of two and half acres and is known for the varieties of cactus plants. These plants are resistance to the desert climate and they can easily thrive in the hot sunny weather.

Red Rock Canyon

This place stretches nearly 200,000 areas of land and is one of the favorite sights for all the tourists visiting Las Vegas. This place is located at a distance of 115 lies from the Vegas and is known for recreational facilities. You can take a 13 mile loop drive from this spot which offers you several breath taking sights. In case you decide to go for a hike you can use brochures that give clear descriptions about each and every trail.

Valley of Fire State Park

This is another incredible place in the heart of Las Vegas and is situated 95 miles from North-West Vegas. This place consists of bizarrely colorful rocks and is also known to be one of the oldest state parks in Nevada that was opened to the public in the year 1935. In this area you can get to see the stunning Aztec stone formations along with the ancient rocks that etched and wrinkled with time. These stones were formed during the Jurassic period that is 135 to 150 billion years from now. Atlati Rock and Petroglyph Canyon features the beautiful rock arts of early ages. You can also get a view of the remaining cultures of Indian Petroglyph who travelled this area hunting for food.

Hoover Dam

This amazing dam is named after the President Herbert Hoover and was constructed during the periods of great depression to curtail the Colardo River from the Rocky Mountains which was its main source. The water used to damage all the crops and also destroy several lives on its way to the Pacific Ocean. Seven states were suffering from this problem and in order to overcome it this dam was built. This is known as the eighth wonder of the world and is almost around 6,600,000 tons. Moreover, today it is known as a Historical National Landmark and it has more than a million visitors in a year.